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Notes for subscribers

Funny how a little travel generates a lot of follow-up. I'm still trying to catch up from the New York trip and WOMMA Summit, and two active research projects fairly guarantee that I don't have time to blog. While I work on the backlog, here are a couple of quick updates and a question.

Growing subscribers
I've never posted the subscriber counter on the blog—probably a lingering uncertainty from the days when I had 15 subscribers. We recently passed 400 subscribers, so I've finally added the counter on the site.

Template tweaks
While I was playing in the template, I added a link to the new highlights post to every page for the visitors who find the blog through search engines or inbound links. Per Constantin's suggestion, I put my picture up there, too.

Link posts?
What do you think of the link posts? I like sharing what I find, but the "links for..." posts now dominate the recent posts lists. Do you like the link posts, or is it just too much clutter?

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News from the companies of social media analysis.

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  • You suspected that Wikipedia was subject to covert tampering. Here are some examples of how it's done. It's not a recommended practice, of course.
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Irony 2.0


Heard (or possibly said) in the vicinity of an open bar—or on a blog. Is there a difference?

  • A-list bloggers saying traffic doesn't matter.
    You can't converse with them if they never find you.

  • Hypesters decrying hype.
    Early mainstream adoption is, apparently, boring to early adopters.

  • Experts saying there's no such thing as an expert.
    Who's to say?

  • Wikipedians questioning the existence of social media.
    That's right, you're part of a trend that has no name.


Highlights from the whirlwind

It's been a very busy couple of weeks here. We've had some tough news, and I appreciate the kind notes we've received. We've also had some good days, and I thought I'd share some highlights with you.

  • Meeting David Meerman Scott in New York, where we both spoke for a Dow Jones Expert Series event. It's no surprise that David gave a great presentation, but I also appreciated the tips from an experienced speaker.

  • Doing a social media panel with Jim Tobin and Cord Silverstein for Business Wire in Raleigh (follow-up posts from Cord and Lorana Price). Great conversations after the panel, with some people working on real issues.

  • Taking a break with family to see Aviation Nation 2007, the big air show at Nellis AFB near Las Vegas. We saw most of the Thunderbirds' show and all of the F-22 demo, but the coolest part may have been the "heritage" formation: F-22, F-4 and A-10, with a P-51 in the lead (feed subscribers, click through for the video).

    Quote from someone in the crowd: "Flying the F-22 off the wing of the P-51, wishing he was flying the Mustang." I don't suppose any pilot would turn down the chance to fly either one.

  • Seeing friends and meeting new ones at WOMMA. Great sessions, speakers and conversations, good food, not-so-great room at the Rio... Things are going to stay busy around here with the follow-up.

  • Meeting Ken Block of Sister Hazel at WOMMA. I really liked what he had to say and the lack of rock-star attitude in the way he and the band interact with their audience.

  • Receiving email to cheer a blogger's heart:
    Good meeting you last night... When I went to your website, I realized I was already following your blog.
Busy week ahead. Ready, set...

links for 2007-11-17

News from the companies of social media analysis. Late this week because of all the activity at the WOMMA Summit.

Companies and services

  • 14 November - Weber Shandwick and Radian6 announced the largest deployment for Radian6, in WSW offices globally. press release, AdWeek, NB Business Journal

  • 14 November - CyberAlert announced the launch of CyberAlert VDO, a monitoring service for video clips posted on video sharing websites and online news sources. press release

  • 14 November - Primelabs announced the expansion of Twingly into Finland, indexing 35,000 Finnish blogs for Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest daily newspaper in Finland.

  • 15 November - Following the acquisition of parent Adverb Media by Zustek Corporation, RelevantNoise is now part of the newly created Zeta Interactive. press release (PDF)
New research and papers


links for 2007-11-10

News from the companies of social media analysis.

Companies and services

  • 5 November - BuzzLogic unveiled Conversation Targeting, which applies the company's influence-oriented social media analysis software to placing advertising on influential social media sites via Google AdWords. Discussion from Andy Beal and Peter Kim.
New research and papers


Quiet for a reason

Normally I would have posted industry news tonight, but today wasn't normal. We got a call in the middle of the night from a hospital, and that's never good news. In this case, the news was of the death of my mother-in-law. So rather than catching up on blog posts, email and such today, I focused on family matters. I assume you understand.

Life goes on, and blogging will return. But not today.

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Other people's book clubs

This was going to be a great post, until I started pulling together the links. And then it all sort of fell apart. So instead of three great resources, I've got one good, one stale and one gone. But really, it was going to be great.

Yesterday on the TED blog, I read about the TED Book Club. It turns out that everyone who attends the high-end conference in Monterey gets a bimonthly package of books, CDs and stuff, and we were about to see the list. Unfortunately, the announcement post is now deleted, and the list on LibraryThing, briefly available to all, is now private. Too bad, I really enjoy the videos from TED (I especially like this one from Sir Ken Robinson), and I was looking forward to browsing their book list. (You can look at book club posts from the old blog to get a taste of what we're missing.)

The TED post reminded of the GBN Book Club, which Global Business Network has done for clients for years. They've also posted the newsletter (originally a regular dose of Stewart Brand) and book list on their web site with a slight delay, but now the latest newsletter is from May 2006. Is it dormant now? I hope not. I've never even tried to keep up with all the reading, but it's been an inspiration from time to time.

Not doing so well on this great list of resources, I went back to Jeff Stewart's post about the DFJ book club, which isn't a club but a list of nine recommended books. It is, however, still available (*whew*).

The GBN list has been a great sampling of timely reading for a long time, and if the TED list approaches the quality of their speakers, it will be a nice addition. This type of sharing by particularly bright and interesting people is a valuable service to us all, and I hope to see more of it.


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News from the companies of social media analysis.

Companies and services

  • 1 November - Visible Technologies announced the addition of Amir Amirmansoury as VP of product management and Mike Albainy as director of data strategy. (press release)
New research and papers
Information for the second edition of the Guide to Social Media Analysis is rolling in. Thanks to Buzzcapture, KDPaine & Partners, Lexalytics, MediaMiser, MetaTale, Monitor110, Reputica, Socialware and Techrigy for your prompt responses.


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