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New technologies create opportunities, but not until you figure out what they're good for. I bridge that gap for people who aren't in love with the technology, translating tech jargon into English and abstract capabilities into relevant purpose. I'm energized by figuring out the implications of change, especially (but not exclusively) involving new technologies. I connect a lot of dots, and I'm pretty good at spotting connections before they're obvious to everyone.

The Net-Savvy Executive is my business blog focusing on market intelligence for business leaders. The executive in the title is you, by the way. This blog is about helping you find the practical value in emerging technologies. It's also where I share some of the wilder ideas I'm working on.

Social Media Analysis is my site for news and information about the social media intelligence and analytics business. I've tracked the SMA market worldwide since 2006. If you need to understand the market, its players and the technologies, I can help.

I've spoken on social media and analytical strategies at conferences in the US, Canada, and UK, including:

  • Defrag
  • Monitoring Social Media Bootcamp (London)
  • ODNI's Summer Hard Problems (SHARP) workshop
  • Social Media Analytics Summit
  • Triangle AMA Social Media Bootcamp
  • Executing Social Media (Los Angeles & Atlanta)
  • Sentiment Analysis Symposium
  • SaskInteractive Summit
I also ran AnalyticsCamp, an unconference for making connections across analytics specialties.

If you want to know more about me (really?), you'll find a more detailed view on LinkedIn, and links to my other projects at nathangilliatt.com.

Nathan Gilliatt
contact (at) nathangilliatt (dot) com
Apex, NC

About Nathan Gilliatt

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  • Voracious learner and explorer. Analyst tracking technologies and markets in intelligence, analytics and social media. Advisor to buyers, sellers and investors. Writing my next book.
  • Principal, Social Target
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