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Time for an Update

A blog that's been going for more than 11 years has a backlog, so I put together a highlights page to collect some of the more interesting posts. I've just updated it for the first time since 2014.

Whiteboard Series
I'm having more conversations about methodology lately, which means more opportunities to talk about the three models I'm working on. The Analyst's Canvas (First Look, 2017) is the big one at the moment, because I'm actively looking for people to try it while it's still in development. Attention (What Happens After Your System Notices Something Important?, 2012) is the other one that explores things we're not doing yet. The third is Omniscience, which has evolved quite a bit since I wrote about it (Driving Intelligence and Analytics with Omniscience, 2011).

I'm looking for more opportunities to work with people who find this kind of thinking interesting. Getting stuff from the white board to a blog post is just the first step.

Drilling down
Some of the more evergreen posts have been explorations of the details and implications of the questions around social media intelligence. What do we mean by language support (2012) and location (2012), or what professional services (2009) go with your SMA product. I like the exercise of going past the obvious analysis to discover what we're missing, because opportunity hides there.

The map of the social media data market (Mapping the Social Data Ecosystem, 2013) predates the changes from Twitter's entry, but I think it's still conceptually correct. Update the labels and explore the details, and you have a current view of the market.

Privacy, surveillance and social media
There's been some turmoil as the big social networks (Twitter, in particular) try to balance the values of their network with the value ($) of their network. Where we draw the boundaries between "privacy" and "surveillance" is an open question, and one I've written about a few times over the years (The Ethics of Listening, 2007; Ethics, Open Sources and CI, 2007; Ethical Standards for Listening Vendors, 2010; The Limits to Personal Data Use and Abuse, 2014).

Yes, quote marks around privacy and surveillance, because the way those words are used seems to vary by speaker. I looked into organizing a summit on the topic last year, but it's just too hot for an open discussion.

Jag förstår lite svenska nu
We have to have some fun, and lately the fun post that people are reading is the one about language (My Language-Learning Toolbox, 2016). Reading company blogs in a global business requires language skills or and a heavy reliance on machine translation. Thanks for the push to add to my skills.

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