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Look Out, London


Hey, I finally get to go to London! I'm speaking at Monitoring Social Media Bootcamp* on 31 March, along with Marshall Sponder, Philip Sheldrake, and Katy Howell. Luke Brynley-Jones is putting together a full day of how-to sessions on monitoring and measuring social media, and I'm happy to be a part of it.

The sessions are all about practical, let's-get-to-work topics:

  1. Getting Started with Social Media Monitoring
  2. How to Choose The Right Social Media Monitoring Tool
  3. How to Build Your Own Social Media Monitoring Service
  4. How to Monitor Sentiment and Benefit from The Insight this Provides
  5. How to Identify influencers and Build Valuable Relationships with them
  6. How to Monitor and Engage with Customers in Real-time
  7. How to Measure the Success of your Social Media Marketing Campaigns
A couple of years ago, I realized that my business network was stronger in London than where I live (probably not the case now). Now, I finally get an excuse to meet more of you in person. Wednesday, 31 March, Bootcamp.

*haircut not included.

Consulting Days in London
While in town for MSMBC, I'm going to have time for other meetings, too. First priority goes to paid consulting days, though I hope to connect more casually, too (tweetup?). I'm offering full- and half-day appointments, where the content will be tailored to your situation—perhaps a market update on SMA software platforms or a planning session on listening strategies. For details, send an email to nathan@net-savvy.com.

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