Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Year-End

Only a few hours left in the year, and I haven't fulfilled the apparent obligation of bloggers to post some sort of year-end list. Best of, worst of, predictions... you've seen 'em all by now. I have my predictions, most of which are embedded in my business plan, but the prediction that is most on my mind is this: 2010 is looking big from here. So, before the ball drops and the fireworks go up, here's a look back at the most-viewed posts in 2009:

  1. Monitoring Social Media Before You Have a Budget - May 2008

  2. The Sentiment on Sentiment Analysis - September 2009

  3. Defining social media relations - November 2006

  4. Visual text analysis - April 2007

  5. Corporate social media specialists - September 2007

  6. Sorting out social media measurement - July 2007

  7. Human vs. machine analysis - April 2007

  8. Social Media Analysis for Workgroups - August 2008

  9. Guide to Social Media Analysis - June 2007

  10. Companies Downplay Online Reputation Risk - March 2009
It's striking how many of these are old posts—only two of these are from this year. I suppose I should look through the archives to see what else is hiding there! To be fair, though, the most-visited page is the front page, which always has the most recent posts, and RSS subscribers have about doubled since last New Year's Eve. So somebody's seeing the new stuff. :-)

I'll keep focusing on quality over quantity, but I'm not about to stop writing here. Any topics you want to get into?

While the archive looks back, I'm definitely looking forward. '10 looks big from here. I hope it's big for you, too.

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