Testing the Analyst's Canvas

Analyst's Canvas example flowI've just posted an Explorer Guide to the Analyst's Canvas. It's a longer explanation than last week's first look for anyone who's up for taking it out for a test drive. The canvas, you'll remember, is my new framework for thinking and communicating about analytical work in a way that doesn't imply a preferred set of tools and techniques.

It's all version one and subject to learning as we try it out. What I’m looking for first is reactions from people who aren’t me, because of course my own model works for me. The question is, does it make sense to anyone else?

If you're interested in joining the test phase, I suggest starting by completing a canvas for an existing service or use case. If you do a kind of analytical work that's not what you think I'm looking for, it's more likely exactly what I'm after. Establishing a common vocabulary to communicate across specialties is a major goal of the project, and I'm asking people from very different backgrounds to take a look.

The guide has some questions at the end, but any reaction is helpful. The process starts with downloads of the Analyst's Canvas and Explorer Guide (PDF). I can't wait to hear what you think.

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