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Here's a little information overload for you. Links to blogs associated with social media analysis companies. Most are linked to companies in the the Guide to Social Media Analysis. Some are more work-oriented than others, but there are some good sources in here.

(This is not a ranked list—it's alphabetical by blog title. The entries are numbered for convenience.)

  1. 1000heads, Staff, 1000heads
  2. Andiamo Word of Mouth Marketing, John Hingley, Andiamo Systems
  3. Applied Disruption, Jeffrey Stewart, Monitor110
  4. Attentio, Simon McDermott, Attentio
  5. Beyond Dante, Tim Wolters, Collective Intellect
  6. BlogPulse Newswire, Sue MacDonald, Nielsen BuzzMetrics
  7. Blogs et IE, Tarik Mousselmal, Scanblog (French)
  8. Buzzcentric, Severin Wilson, Buzzcentric
  9. BuzzLogic, Todd Parsons, BuzzLogic
  10. CGM, Pete Blackshaw, Nielsen BuzzMetrics
  11. China IWOM Blog, Sam Flemming, CIC
  12. Collective Intellect, Staff, Collective Intellect
  13. Converseon, Staff, Converseon
  14. Customer Listening, Laurent Florès, CRMMetrix
  15. CustomScoop, Staff, CustomScoop
  16. Data Mining, Matthew Hurst, Microsoft Live Labs
  17. Data World, Paul Alexander, Wigborough
  18. DK the Business Guru, Darren Kelly, Collective Intellect
  19. Converseon, Staff, Converseon
  20. DIGtrends, Staff, Digital Influence Group
  21. Distilled, Will Critchlow and Duncan Morris, Distilled
  22. dna13, Staff, dna13
  23. The Dooley Complex, Kevin Dooley, Crawdad Technologies
  24. EmPower Research, Staff, EmPower Research
  25. ethority, Sten Franke, ethority
  26. filtrbox, Ari Newman, filtrbox
  27. GottaQuirk, Staff, Quirk eMarketing
  28. A Human Voice, Tom O’Brien, MotiveQuest
  29. Implementing Web 2.0 in the Enterprise, Adam Steinberg, Techrigy
  30. Influence 2.0, Staff, Cymfony
  31. Information Arbitrage, Roger Ehrenberg, Monitor110
  32. LexaBlog, Staff, Lexalytics
  33. Market Sentinel, Mark Rogers, Market Sentinel
  34. MarketIQ, Staff, Biz360
  35. MediaMeter, Staff, BlogMeter
  36. Media Philosopher, Marcel LeBrun, Radian6
  37. Mouthpiece, Jonathan Carson, Nielsen BuzzMetrics
  38. Musical Entrepreneur, Rob Crumpler, BuzzLogic
  39. New Media Strategies, Staff, New Media Strategies
  40. Observatoire Présidentielle 2007, Guilhem Fouetillou, RTGI (French)
  41. On Innovation, Michael Osofsky, Accelovation
  42. Onalytica, Flemming Madsen, Onalytica
  43. Ondernemer in Gent, Bart De Waele, MetaTale
  44. Own Your Buzz, Al del Castillo, NetEquity
  45. Pardon the Disruption, Chip Griffin, CustomScoop
  46. The Power of News, Matthias Hoffmann, Dow Jones & Company (German)
  47. Power Shift, Staff, Radian6
  48. PR Measurement Blog, Katie Paine, KDPaine & Partners
  49. PR meets the WWW Constantin Basturea, Converseon
  50. Primelabs (also Swedish blog)
  51. Read Between the Mines, Glenn Fannick, Dow Jones & Company
  52. RelevantNoise, Staff, RelevantNoise
  53. RepuMetrix, Joseph Fiore, RepuMetrix
  54. Reputation World, Andrew Jordan, Reputica
  55. RepuTrack, Joseph Fiore, CoreX Technologies
  56. Scanblog (French)
  57. Scout Labs, Staff, Scout Labs
  58. see i see, Staff, CIC (Chinese)
  59. SentimentMetrics, Staff, SentimentMetrics
  60. A Surplice of Spin, Melanie Surplice, Dow Jones & Company
  61. Turning News Into Knowledge, Brett Serjeantson, MediaMiser
  62. tweetpr, David Alston, Radian6
  63. unstruc..., Daniela Barbosa, Dow Jones & Company
  64. Veille2Com, Cyrille Chaudoit, Scanblog (French)
  65. VICO Research, Staff, VICO Research
  66. VisInsights, Staff, Visible Technologies
  67. Young PR, Paull Young, Converseon
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You might want to at ebiquity:

Wow. That's a lot of reading to do. Thanks for the mention.

Duncan and I found it simultaneously this morning and skyped about it (despite sitting about 3 feet apart - I was on the phone).

Nathan, I have taken the liberty of creating a customized version of Particls based on your OPML file.

You can download it and it will automatically harvest information from all those sources on the ticker and popup alerts.

I'm running it now - thank's for taking the time to put this together!

You can get it:



Matt, thanks. That link led me to Planet Social Media Research, which got me thinking about the relevant aggregators. My intention with this list was to focus on blogs linked to companies in the market (you're grandfathered). A complete list of relevant links would be insane to compile.

Will: You should see the rest of my feeds! I really need to go clean house again.

Chris: Cool! Wish I could see it (Mac user).

Interesting list but you're missing a few of us.. including KDPaine & Partners ( -- I've actually been doing social media analysis since 1995. You can see our work at -- log in as guest using the password kdpaine.
Also, Jeremiah Owyang has compiled a similar list that you might want to refer to here:

Hi, Katie. I added your blog to the list. We should talk about your company for the Guide, too.

Caught this first at Social Media Today and wanted to drop by and thank-you once again for putting this together and for the mention Nathan!

- Joseph

You should also include the first italian blog focusing on socialmedia analysis (with some info of our new online WOM measurement platform called BlogMeter:

Hi Nathan, I know you know this, but for those finding this post for the first time, Metrica's blog, Measurement Matters, focuses on social media measurement too - it is at

Cheers, Richard

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