Blogger's Block Should be a Meme


Roadblock rockFred Wilson posted a simple request yesterday and got an amazing response. He wrote that he was experiencing Blogger's Block, and he asked his readers to suggest topics. The response? Over 360 comments (so far), suggesting and discussing more topics than Fred will be able to write about in a year. Obviously, people—a lot of them—are interested in Fred's opinions. I think this is great, and every blog ought to do it.

As I see it, asking the question invites two main risks: you might get no response, or people might suggest topics you don't want to write about. As for the former, I've invited responses that never came. While it's not fun, it doesn't leave a scar. No response means that the post didn't land with your readers, so they're unlikely to remember any of it.

If your audience is interested in something you don't want to write about, that probably tells you something you need to know.

Why are we here?
I sometimes wonder what people really want or expect from this blog. It accomplished its original goal a long time ago, and now it's a blend of what I'm finding around social media analysis and other topics I find interesting. The list posts tend to draw a lot of traffic, while the thought posts (where I think the real value should be) mostly don't.

Increasingly, I'm working on new topics that might surprise you if you think I'm interested primarily in marketing. I haven't yet worked out how much of that I should include.

Now for the scary part
I think every blogger could benefit from hearing what readers want more of. So, what do you want to see from this blog? Don't leave me listening to crickets.

And if you have your own blog? Tag, you're it.

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I hear you on this one, oh do I..

How about ...
- the technology behind social media monitoring? (What it can and cannot do)
- a growing focus on providing "all-in-one" tools?
- why hasn't Google become THE social media monitoring tool yet?

Best wishes for the unblocking! :D


It should be noted that bloggers often have problems on the way to their success. In these regards, I would like to give you only one advice - never give up and overcome all obsticles!

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