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  • Jeremiah Owyang announced that he will join Forrester Research as a Senior Analyst focused on social computing and interactive marketing October 1st. Have any of the other tier-one analyst firms noticed that Forrester is cornering the market for social media?

  • Update: Here's a list of analysts covering social media and their (public) blogs.
I've run across several open positions at social media analysis companies and clients this week. It's making me wonder about adding a jobs section on the blog. What do you think?



Forrester is clearly THE leading analyst firm in the social media space. Before I even considered joining, I was using their reports in my slides, refer to their data for my decision making at Hitachi and at PodTech.

It must stem from the executive leadership, as George Forrester Colony himself left a comment on my blog welcoming me to the company.

This is a company that not only see the big trends but knows how to 'think small'.

With the research, workshops and everything else (plus all the analyst bloggers), the question isn't whether Forrester is in the lead, it's where's everyone else? The other firms may be covering some of these same trends, but they don't seem to have figured out how to use them to generate mindshare.

Congratulations on the new gig, Jeremiah. It's obviously a great move for both you and the company.


This is the first time I've seen your blog (I found it through a Google search on “startup PR” that lead to a Forbes article that you reference) and Wow! You speak to the exact cross section of problems and opportunities that I deal with daily. My work title is VP Communications for a VC-backed tech startup, and I spend much thought and effort on social media relations. Based on my experience, I’ll wager that the companies recruiting for social media practioners are having trouble finding people with the right blend of business strategy acumen and objective editorial tone needed to succeed in the corporate social media sphere. So, to answer your question, yes, you should start a job board.

Good luck,


Thanks, Lynda (I like your enthusiasm!). I'm looking at options and thinking about the right way to do it.

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