I've been enjoying the blog tag game in recent days, wondering which of the people I know might send it my way. I met Marianne at the bloggers' wonk before the WOMMA Summit, and we crossed paths almost hourly at the conference. She's one of the conference buddies that helped me feel like I knew someone in the crowd. Onward...

Five things you didn't know about me:

  1. I lived in Charlotte when Hurricane Hugo came through and in Durham when Fran hit. We did leave LA before the Northridge quake took out our apartment building, though.

  2. When I was a kid, I was occasionally responsible for feeding a steer that would spend the next year in our freezers. We named one of them Hamburger.

  3. I got very serious about radio in college. I still have a production demo around here, somewhere.

  4. I once had a job that came with a security clearance. The only secret I ever knew was the password to check email to the help desk account.

  5. I have a weakness for popsicles, even in winter.
Let's see, how can I mix this up? I wanted to tag CK, but apparently that's already out of fashion. I'm tagging James Governor, Harry Joiner, Jerry Bowles, Jim Durbin, and Sam Flemming.



Hey Nathan,

Funny, I was on my way to Charlotte to visit friends when Hugo hit...they came to St. Louis instead for that visit.

Happy holidays!


Sorry I didn't see this. Thanks for wanting to tag me but I got hit left, right and center. Is it a special flavor of popsicles that you fancy?

I have a weakness for cotton candy. It's like the grossest yet the good-est thing all rolled into one. My friend went to the circus the other day and she made sure to bring some cotton candy back for me. Score.

Hi, CK. Yes, that was the point. We almost had a "tag CK" meme started. :-)

I seem to like many kinds of popsicles. The cheap ice ones and the all-fruit ones. I loved the white lemonade Popsicles when I was a kid, but they were hard to find. Now it's more of a mood thing—kind of a well-stocked popsicle cellar.

Cotton candy, mmmmm... Have you ever had the maple sugar cotton candy? I mean, the pink and blue stuff's ok, but you have to try the grown-up version if you get a chance.

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