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Posting has been light here lately, but I have a good excuse, really. I've just gone through 30 demos in a comparison of 23 social media analysis platforms, from Alterian to Whitevector and including all the usual suspects. Now, I'm in the testing and writing phase of a comparison report that will be available in a few weeks. I'm getting hands-on with a lot of software, so blogging, tweeting, and even lunch are taking a back seat to the project.

The focus this time is on software that's designed to support social media capabilities in a multi-user, multi-project environment (which describes most companies and agencies). While asking the usual questions about features and coverage, I'm noticing interesting trends:

  • Tools are aligned with the 5 modes of listening; not all platforms try to do it all.

  • At the high end, companies are getting serious about social media analysis as enterprise software, adding features that address IT interests like user administration, security and system integration.
I'm test driving software options you probably haven't considered yet. At this point in the project, I'm fairly certain you don't want to duplicate the effort, but I think you'll be interested in what I'm learning. Meanwhile...

Nose. Grindstone.

Update: The report is now available: Social Media Analysis Platforms for Workgroups.

In my copious spare time, as they say, I'm also working on an analytics unconference—mostly because it will be an event I want to attend. We're not quite ready to announce the details, but the wiki gives the general idea.

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