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womma_sign.jpgI'm back from Washington and the WOMMA Summit (photo by Josh Hallett). The good news is that many of the people I've been corresponding with were also at the conference, so I'm already caught up on email—or, at least, I'm caught on up reading email. The messages-to-send queue is longer than ever.

I originally hoped to score one of the blogger passes to the event, but having seen Josh and Marianne struggling to capture the mass of information and insights (not to mention photos), I'm glad I wasn't one of the official bloggers. Live-blogging an event like this is a full-time effort. My results from the conference were easily worth the price of admission.

Random notes:

  • The blogger dinner—excuse me, wonk—was a great way to start off. In addition to meeting some of the people I've been reading (such as Constantin—pictured on the left), I met some very interesting new folks. The wonk gave me conference buddies to see everywhere before the conference even started.

  • When I hear sirens at home, it's usually the fire department or EMS going to help someone. In downtown Washington it was always a motorcade for Someone Important.

  • There's a reason people carry around big, digital SLRs. My pictures of the national Christmas tree with the Washington Monument and White House (two different shots) came out so poorly that I hardly want to keep them, much less share them. Josh, on the other hand, got great pictures from the blogger dinner and conference.

  • When I heard John Moore say, "I take my work seriously and myself lightly," I realized I should have been collecting quotes for a post. Oh, well.

  • Did anyone else notice that "RPS" sounds a lot like "our BS"? It was fun, though. Six ties in a row really get the adrenaline going.
By the end of the conference, I had good momentum for my current project and an idea from a new friend that might lead to ICWSM. If your company competes with companies like Nielsen BuzzMetrics, Cymfony and BuzzLogic, you'll want to know about this.



How much fun was it to see several hundred marketing people playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. I'm still laughing every time I think about that.

It was perfect. Take seriously something silly. I love it.

My wife and I use RPS to decide who makes the tea every night, so I'm already in fighting trim. That really helped in a very competitive round that took us six rounds to break the tie (I think—it's hard to count when the heat is on).

It was so great to meet you in person finally! Sorry we did get a chance to chat more.

And yet we got to attach faces and voices to the writing. It's good. Besides, if everyone got to have all the interesting conversations that were available, we'd still be there—and my family wouldn't be happy with that!

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