Blogging the blogger dinner


You know your event was a success when people start talking about "next time."

As in, next time we'll get together near someone else's home or work. Or "sorry I missed everyone... next time..."

The secret of the blogger's dinner in Apex was that, with the exception of the two guys from the same company, nobody knew anyone (first and last time for that!). I had a backlog of people I've connected with online and hadn't met in person, and I thought a dinner would be more interesting than a series of individual coffee or lunch get-togethers. The key was our common professional interest in social media. It worked out well, and yes, we'll do it again.

Here's a peek at what you missed:

  • Social media challenges in corporate environments
  • Dorm-room startups
  • Lotus Connections vs. free tools and consumer-oriented services
  • Free-spending stories from the boom
  • Stowememe, Jobster, Social Media Club, SNCR
  • Old computer stories—the 10" disk platter that's going to be a clock, paper tape storage, 150/300 baud acoustic couplers, multiuser chat on a paper-based terminal, early "portable" PCs
We had a great time. I see so many announcements of interesting events in the Bay area or New York, and so many of the people I've met are based in distant cities, it was a nice change of pace to get together with interesting people to talk about this stuff here.

Which is not to say that I don't want to get together with the interesting people I talk to in those other cities—blogger dinner in London, anyone? Don't know when I'll be there, but it'll be fun.



If you come to London, I'll make the trip from Brussels... I got the survey and will fill that in by next week. Cheers, Simon

If I get to London, I'll need to keep going and visit the Continent, too. It's been too long. You think we'll see Le Web 4? Any chance it'll stay on topic?

I would definitely go to Le Web 4, it was very funny and the networking is good. Little or no chance of it staying on topic. Simon

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