Bloggers dinner in Apex 1/25


Who says we have to travel to have fun? The bloggers wonk in DC last month was great, but the drive was a bit long for dinner. This time we're staying close to home—well, close to my home, at least.

    What: Business bloggers dinner

    Where: XIOΣ, Apex, NC (directions)

    When: Thursday, January 25, 6:30 pm

Bring your ideas, your stories, your favorite sources—oh, and your money. Ideas are free, but the restaurant prefers that we pay for the food.

Topics? Social media use in Triangle companies, Social Media Club (yes, we're on the map), anything you want. Meet like-minded people—you need more?

Dare I mention that XIOΣ has Wi-Fi? No, forget I mentioned that.

Please RSVP in the comments so I can make reservations.

Update—the list (and suggested reading before dinner): Ryan Allis, Andy Beal, Chuck Hester, Rob Humphrey, John Simonds, Reid Walker, Lee White.



Count me in. Looking forward to it.

RSVP for the dinner!

I'm in...consider this my RSVP

I'll see you there. RSVP!

I will be there - thanks

I'll try and make it.

Sorry I missed everyone...I just got back into to RDU... Next time...

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