My Year-End Look at the Business of Social Media Analysis

Social Media Analysis is my attempt at a sort of online industry trade journal covering the companies that work with social media data. Last year, I started a recap of the financial transactions in the business, so let's catch up with 2013.

2013 Saw More, Bigger Investments in Social Media Analysis
First, where the investment money went. And boy, did it go, more than $465 million. The champion fundraiser this year—by far—was HootSuite, with $165 million added to its runway.

The Year in M&A (and an IPO), Social Media Analysis 2013
Once all those companies are funded, some of them get acquired. One even went public. The big theme seems to be consolidation, as buyers picked up companies with complementary technology, products and people. At this rate, we should finish concentrating the industry by about 2080.

SMA would be better with more content, but I need help if it's going to get it. I have ideas for new sections, including opinion columns, product reviews, how-to articles and more. Anyone interested in becoming a contributor?

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