Reputation death by social media poisoning?

A little SEO-related reading will temper any naiveté you may harbor about how social media will make marketing everywhere all clean and shiny. While the advocates promote transparent, honest, personal new ways, someone else is figuring out how to game the system. Rand Fishkin just introduced a new term for a very distasteful idea (which he doesn't endorse): social media poisoning.

The practice involves proactively generating spammy comments, posts, links, etc. from a competitor's domain in order to make bloggers, social media contributors, forum owners, journalists, etc. view that brand in a negative light.
It's a weird twist on online reputation management, isn't it? Suggests we may need a little counter-sabotage in our social media kits.

Dirty pool meets social media marketing... What's next, crude suggestions and URLs in truck stop rest rooms?


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