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Two airlines, two tough days for air travel. The contrast between American's reaction to the mess in Austin and JetBlue's reaction to last week's chaos will be a good case study for someone. Have you noticed that passenger groups from both incidents have blogs? There's a difference, though. JetBlue's passengers got an even quicker start.

American's bad day was December 29. The stranded passengers blog launched January 9th—11 days after the incident. JetBlue Hostage launched February 15th—the next day.

At this rate, the next incident will have a dedicated blog before it happens. How's your reaction time?



This is interesting to follow. For sake of discussion, it could be argued that the blogosphere is being leveraged as a legitimate agent of change, a platform that lends capability and collective bargaining power to the individual.

But, a technology is what you make out of it. I shared some thoughts on the rise of sites that exist to serve as focals for customer gripes. I mentioned the ripoffreport as an example, and also found it's detractors and shared one such example.

Perhaps you might sift through the interview and story here.

Detecting content and calculating readership is the focus of many of the tools which exist today. In reading the story, one finds that there are few legal options for seeking relief expunging content. Perhaps this gives rise to an emerging opportunity for tools and consulting / strategy to deal with problematic issues and sites?

Perhaps you've already explored that area...

Wow, that's quite a story. Be careful which fights you pick. Hard to believe the Communications Act immunized online libel. Wow.

Yes, it's a good area to explore. I imagine every PR firm in the world will eventually get into this area, once they learn their way around.

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