Break's over, back to work

Breaks are nice. As the year wound down, I shared five things, looked up my superhero (I'm the Flash—or possibly the Hulk—file under irreproducible results), made some predictions (classified), avoided making resolutions, and made altogether less progress on my reading than I had hoped.

Now that the new calendar's up, it's time to get back in gear. My current project has me talking with everybody in the social media research business, so we're starting the year in crunch mode. More on that later.

Here's a question: has anyone found a company providing analysis of social media in Korea? The Edelman/Technorati venture quit, and Technorati doesn't index the Korean blogosphere (but they'd like to). I met a couple of folks at WOMMA that I hope can help. Somebody must be trying, at least.

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