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I'm still finding new companies to add to the list, and on my initial conversation with one of them today, a fun question came up: Who's participating? Between the responses and the responses promised soon, it's an interesting assortment. I started with the goal of surveying the services from different types of companies, and it's working.

People want to know if the big companies—the social media analysis names everyone knows—are participating. Yes, they are. Cymfony, MotiveQuest and Umbria are in; the others are scheduled. I'm also talking with the companies that aren't so familiar, like CoreX and Kaava (which we finally learned to spell).

But what about variety? Companies come into social media analysis from different directions. Agencies—Waggener Edstrom is in. Media analysis—BurrellesLuce is scheduled. Technology—Visible Technologies is in; BuzzLogic is on its way. Research—Millward Brown is scheduled. The list grows every day.

Skype is my new best friend, because it enables an international approach without the crippling telephone bills. I just finished talking with Scanblog (France), and yesterday ended with CIC (China). Tomorrow starts in France and ends at a soccer practice (hey, it can't all be work). Others from Germany to Australia are in there, too.

Where's yours?
The biggest and smallest companies are responding, even though everyone mentions how busy they are. If you haven't gotten around to your response, it's not too late... but the clock is ticking.

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