Social media mid-term exam

You've probably already scored your company, and it's too early for the final exam. Let's call this the mid-term.

When you finish, post your answers on the bulletin board. The rest of the class will discuss your answers and vote on your performance. At the end of the week, the student with the highest score will start a blog meme praising lower-ranking students.

Basic knowledge
  1. Describe each of the following:
    1. Blog
    3. Digg
    4. Flickr
    5. LinkedIn
    6. Mashup
    7. MySpace
    8. Podcast
    9. RSS
    10. Second Life
    11. Technorati
    12. Wikipedia
    13. YouTube

  2. How could you use each of the items from question 1 as a marketing tool? What are the risks associated with each?

  3. How could you use each of the items from question 1 to gather information?

  4. What tools are you aware of that can be used to collect information from these sources more efficiently?

  5. Are you a member of a social networking site? Which one(s)?

  6. Do you know if key people in your business circle use social networking sites?
Blogs & feeds
  1. Do you read blogs in your field? How many?

  2. Do you read blogs in related fields?

  3. Have you contributed comments to a blog?

  4. Do you write one? More than one?

  5. How would you find a blog on a given topic?

  6. Do you know what has been written about your company on blogs?

  7. Do you know what has been written about you?

  8. How long does a blog posting remain visible?

  9. Do you use a feed reader (RSS)?

  10. Do you have search feeds in your feed reader?

  11. Do you use vanity feeds (search feeds on your own name)?
Market intelligence
  1. Besides Google, how many search engines can you name?

  2. Have you looked up your company on the search engines?

  3. Have you looked yourself up?

  4. Do you have a plan to monitor social media for mentions of your company?

  5. Have you considered using similar tools to monitor your competition?

  6. Do you know where else someone can look you up?

  7. Who is responsible for monitoring social media for mentions of your company?

  8. What tools are used?

  9. How do you respond to negative comments? To positive comments? To customer service issues that appear in social media?
  1. What were your five things?

  2. Which superhero are you? Which super villain?

  3. How long has it been since you checked your stats, links, or rank?

  4. What's the best incoming link you've received?
  1. Have you finished the reading list (aff)?

  2. What flavor is the Kool Aid?


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