Bloggers deconstruct a business model

The Wal-Mart flog (fake blog) dust-up showed how mainstream media and blogs can take turns advancing a story. Today, Tom Evslin walks us through the process of deconstructing a business model by a combination of reporter and bloggers. This story isn't a particularly big deal—there's nothing particularly wrong with the business, and very few people will care, anyway. The process, though, shows how blogs enable a form of collaboration that could unravel other secrets.

What's interesting is that the business model left unexposed in David Pogue's post was successively peeled back by bloggers with subject matter expertise AND THEIR READERS. And all three blogs ended up linked together through their comments so those who were interested could learn or contribute to the story.

Remember the student who designed an atomic bomb using unclassified information sources? Assembling pieces of information into a big picture is a powerful technique.

Are you keeping secrets that a combination of knowledgeable and curious bloggers could figure out? Do you have a plan for dealing with it when it happens?

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