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BackType.pngAdd BackType to the list of useful, free tools for monitoring social media (via IntelFusion). BackType, which launched this week, is a search engine for blog comments. The web site provides a convenient mechanism for finding comments by an individual or on a topic, with a social network-style "follow" feature and the now-standard RSS feeds for any search. This looks like a solid addition to the toolkit, useful for tracking your own mentions and for developing an understanding of interesting individuals.

Some ideas for first steps with BackType:

  1. Search for comments about your company and products. Subscribe to the feeds.

  2. Create an account with your usual handle and complete the profile. You want to give the right impression to people who search for your comments (and use the link to send them to your blog/site).

  3. Develop a better understanding of individuals by searching for their comments. What blogs are they reading? What other topics do they find interesting? Influencer profiling is one application; hiring is another.

  4. Follow a thought leader (subscribe to the RSS feed if you want to be stealthy) to discover new sources.
It's unclear, so far, how thorough BackType's search is, but this looks like a tool with interesting possibilities, especially in source discovery and profiling. It's also a reminder that everything is searchable online, and your contributions in different venues will eventually be rolled up into one big profile.


Thanks for the great post! I love posts like these because they explain how you can actually get started with a service.

We have a lot still to come and hopefully you will continue to find our service useful.

Mike - BackType

Thanks, Mike. I have a feeling I might really use this one.

best comment search engine which ever I found, cool. Nice info sharing, so informatif posting. Thank's...

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