Whole Lotta Influence Going On

What do you do when you disagree with a conference speaker? Do you tune out, start checking email, check the schedule for when the next session starts? Do you post snarky comments to Twitter and Facebook? Do you challenge the speaker in the Q&A time? What if the topic is well worn, and you're getting tired of hearing the same points you disagree with? Are you tired of the influence arguments yet?

While sitting through a presentation for nonprofits on communicating with online influencers, Heidi Massey got that familiar feeling, so she challenged the speaker, Justin Ware, in the Q&A. They continued the discussion after the session, and it's led to a great pair of point/counterpoint posts on using Klout scores:

I like this. Not only do they go to the effort of thinking through their arguments and writing something coherent, they do a service to everyone else by linking to each other's posts. It's a nice idea: post your position, and link with someone with a different opinion. Do you think it will catch on?

Speaking of influence, was there a memo about putting influence startups in Portland? First Tellagence, now Little Bird? If you need to identify the right people for spreading your message, the available tools are multiplying fast.

There should be a rule that if you have an argument on a Friday, you have to cite Monty Python.

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