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Sorry, no punch line. I'm sharing the news of Jim Tobin's new book, Social Media is a Cocktail Party (Why You Already Know the Rules of Social Media Marketing). It's a good effort to condense much of the current wisdom into a quick, readable introduction for those who need a quick ride up the learning curve. (If I were a copywriter, I'd probably say something here about reading on for a special offer.)

Cocktail Party is Social Media 101 for marketers. It lacks the depth of other recent books on my pile, but it serves up most of the big ideas with a casual, readable tone. At 178 pages, it's about right for a flight, in both length and weight.

Jim's a friend, so of course I'm plugging his book. But this looks like an introduction that will help a lot of people who are just getting started.

Step right up
To kick things off, Jim is making a donation to Make-A-Wish Foundation for every copy of Cocktail Party sold today (20 November).

But wait, there's more! :-) Yesterday, Jim gave me three copies to give away. To ensure fairness (and because it'll be fun), I'm going to let my 8-year-old Junior Associate pick the winners. Just tell him that you'd like a free copy in the comments below, and I'll announce the winners tomorrow.


Hi Junior Associate - your dad told me you can stay up late to watch Star Wars The Clone Wars every Friday night if you pick me! Pick me!

Thanks for mentioning it Nathan! Love the headline.

I support Carol M. Funny comment...


I know it's decades away now in "blogosphere" time - but (mr/mrs/ms (??) junior associate) can I have a free copy of the book, please? I'm already a dab hand with the social media, but it's the cocktail parties that I need help with...too much time looking at social media, perhaps..

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