Visualizing the African Internet

Without Internet access, there are no Internet media—no "social media." Unless you've worked in network infrastructure, you probably don't think about it, but a lot of work and investment go into providing Internet access, whether you connect at work, at home, or at the corner café. As you may have heard, Internet access is not equally available around the world.

A new infographic from Appfrica International, Infostate of Africa, looks at the current state of Internet access in Africa. It's full of interesting information, and demand for the graphic has led to its availability as a poster (wouldn't that be nice as a series covering the world?).

Looking at the map reminded me of a point Hans Rosling (@Hansro) makes in his AIDs talk: Africa is not a country, and characterizing regions oversimplifies the answers to meaningful questions. That observation applies equally to the question of Internet availability.

I thought both the map and Rosling's talks (all of them) were worth sharing with you. We now return to your regular workday, which is already in progress.

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