Talking Social Media Analytics at the Summit

Sf skylineI like blogs for developing and sharing ideas, but if you really want to see progress, you need to spend time with people, face to face. Notice which problems get them animated, and which topics bore them. Look in their eyes to see which ideas are working and which are not. Considering the unresolved questions of measurement and analytics in social media, spending some time together sounds like a great idea.

That's why I'm excited to be a part of the Social Media Analytics Summit, taking place April 17–18 in San Francisco. As conference chair, I get to present a couple of sessions, moderate a couple of panels, and generally stay in the middle of things throughout the event. Offstage, I plan to spend a lot of time listening to what people are doing and seeing how they respond to the other ideas in the room.

I also plan to have a very pleasant time with the people who would go to a conference dedicated to social media analytics. These conferences with very specific topics are always good for meeting interesting people. And, you know, business opportunities have been known to emerge in these gatherings, too.

The program includes some very sharp folks (I would know, I invited some of them), talking about the burning questions, effective strategies, and practical applications of social media analytics. It's a safe bet that everyone will learn something from this group, starting with the pre-summit interview series. As always, the conversations after the sessions will probably be even better.

Psst. You want a discount?
If you read this blog—and I think you do—the Social Media Analytics Summit is worth a look. This isn't social media in the context of a larger conference; it's all ours. If you decide to attend, use the discount code NATHAN300 to save $300 on your registration. Super Early Bird pricing is good until February 17, so you have a couple of weeks to think about it before the price goes up.

See you in San Francisco.

Photo by Abhishek Chhetri.

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