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Are you going to the WOMMA Summit in Las Vegas next month? I'll be there (sporting a "member" ribbon on my nametag this time). WOMMA is the best event I've found for meeting people from the social media analysis branch of my network, which makes it my best chance to meet you this year. To make it even more interesting, we're going to have a meetup for social media analysis folks who are in town.

This started when Sam Flemming pinged me about organizing a meetup for folks involved in social media analysis internationally. Sam's visiting from Shanghai, and WOMMA draws an international crowd, so it's a reasonable theme. If you happen to meet peers from the same country, that's ok, too.

    What: SMA Vendor Meetup

    Where: Spago Las Vegas
    Forum Shops at Caesars
    (702) 369-6300

    When: Wednesday, November 12, 6:30 PM

WOMMA has good receptions that you won't want to miss, so we won't compete with them. If there's no reception on the 12th (research day), we can look at something earlier. If WOMMA has an event, we'll look later. Either way, it's probably dinner.

Update: It looks like there's no WOMMA reception to compete with on the 12th, so we're going at a more East-Coast-friendly 6:30 pm (I'd like to stay awake through dinner). If you're planning to join us, please add your name below so I can update the reservation.

Need a head count
Here's the part where I need your help. I need to know if this is going to turn into a few folks going to a restaurant together (easy) or 50 people looking for a place to talk (harder and $ in advance). Once I get a sense of the numbers, I'll investigate the details, but we're going to do something.

Are you going to be at WOMMA on the evening of the 12th? Will you plan to join us?



Thanks for the WOMMA shout out. It's members like you who will make this event the best yet.

See you in LV!


Count VT in. See you in Vegas Nathan. Cheers, Blake

Hey there Nathan, I believe I'm going to be attending so please add me to the list.



Hi Nathan - count me in.

Tom O'Brien

Definitely. Thanks for organizing, and look forward to seeing you there!


Hi Nathan, Great idea. I'll be there representing Metrica and would love to join you all so please count me in. Looking forward to meeting you then.
Best, Richard

I'm definitely in! Thank you Nathan.

Hi Nathan, I'll be there.



Nathan, I'll be there, and Tony should be able to join as well. Looking forward to it. Thanks.


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