Say Hello at ESM and Blog Carolinas

Work on the second edition of the Guide to Social Media Analysis has kept me busy in the office lately. I really enjoy the conversations with people all over the world, but I do need to get out more. Next month, I get to escape the office to speak at two very different events: Executing Social Media and Blog Carolinas. I hope to meet some of you there.

Executing Social Media
On 21–22 May, meet me in Los Angeles for Executing Social Media. This one comes well recommended from last year, and I'm excited to be part of it this year. The speaker list includes a healthy selection of people on my "need to meet" list, and the client-side stories are a break from the usual suspects. The only problem is that the few times the conference splits into smaller groups, I want to go with all of them.

For my part, I get to lead a roundtable discussion on organizational issues, and I join Jake McKee and Michael Terpin in Ways to Ease the Social Media Comfort Zone—For You and Your Bosses. If you've been reading here long, you won't be surprised by my theme: Lead with Information. We'll set the big visions and sweetened beverage aside and focus on developing fact-based arguments for creating a social media strategy before you have a budget.

You can save $300 by using the discount code la08ng when you register. Hope to see you there.

Blog Carolinas
If you've heard of Josh Hallett's BlogOrlando or any of the other BlogCity conferences it inspired, you understand what we're doing with Blog Carolinas, 9 May in Research Triangle Park, NC (near Raleigh). The free conference will focus on the intersection of social media and business, with the intent of providing a constructive learning opportunity for business types who want to figure out how social media is relevant to them.

Part of the fun of the regional event is seeing local experts. Andy Beal, Jim Tobin and Rob Humphrey will be there. I'm scheduled to lead a session on monitoring and measurement. I've posted an outline, but it's an unconference. Anything can happen.

Blog Carolinas started as the marketing track that wasn't at BarCampRDU last summer. After I started planning and set up a Facebook group, Lee White took over when the project started to consume more time than I could spare. I'm happy to say that he's made the event real, and I can't wait to be there.

Blog Carolinas is free, but attendance is limited. Register now if you want to join us.

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