Bloggers dinner in Raleigh 3/27


This is why you don't make promises about monthly get-togethers. It's been two months since the business bloggers dinner in Apex, and we're ready to do it again. This time, we're going to Brier Creek—next door to RDU airport—for the convenience of everyone coming in from Raleigh and Durham.

    What: Business bloggers dinner

    Where: Uno Chicago Grill
    8401 Brier Creek Parkway
    Raleigh, NC 27617
    Map (PDF)

    When: Tuesday, March 27, 7:00 pm


We're about as casual as it gets. If you blog for, or about, business, join us! If you're into social media for business, call yourself a blogger for the evening and be there. No program, no rules, just interesting people with common interests.

One request, though. Please RSVP in the comments so I can warn them we're coming.



I'll try to make it Nathan, I actually think I'll be in RTP that week.


I am scheduled to be out of town but will attend as my plans may change.

Thanks for the invite!


Thanks for the invite. I'll plan to attend. I may try to bring along a co-worker, as well. Is that okay?

Jason: No rules. Bring anyone who's interested.

Thanks so much for the invite, but I am speaking at NC State to a bunch of undergrads on what I do as a VC. :) That is at 7pm. Will you guys be out late?

Are you giving out free samples with your talk?

It's kinda hard to predict, but I think we went until about 9:00 last time.

Nathan, Thanks - I'd like to attend.

I will try to make it. My presence will depend on Traffic Control at the Philly airport that afternoon.

Can't make it. Need to be in Connecticut at 8 am tomorrow. Have fun.

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