What You Liked in 2010

Another year gone, another post or two in the archive. And now it's time to see which posts got the most attention this year.

  1. Monitoring Social Media Before You Have a Budget - May 2008 (#1 in 2009)

  2. Visual text analysis - April 2007 (#4 in 2009)

  3. Sentiment Analysis is Not a Mood Ring - March 2010

  4. Human vs. machine analysis - April 2007 (#7 in 2009)

  5. Corporate social media specialists - September 2007 (#5 in 2009)

  6. 5 Manly Things - February 2009

  7. Comparing Social Media Analysis Platforms - March 2010

  8. Professional-Strength Social Media Aggregators - June 2010

  9. New Dashboards Blend Analytics Sources - September 2010

  10. Guide to Social Media Analysis - June 2007 (#9 in 2009)
It's interesting to see the year-to-year changes in the list. Four current-year posts appear this year, up from only two last year. Still, half the list is not only old posts, but old posts from the 2009 list. Clearly, a list of free stuff is popular, but some of these are surprising—I guess there's no correlation between the effort required to write a post and its enduring popularity.

Some of the biggest ideas are stuck in draft—or hidden in business plans—but there's another list of my favorite idea posts of 2010.

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