No More Tag Posts

I turned off the automatic tag posts from Delicious today. Murphy being on the job, the post linking to the recent New York Times article on sentiment analysis promptly got a comment when I did that—a good one, too. But the tag posts are gone. The list of recent posts was overrun with "links for [date]" entries, and I lost some email subscribers who were probably tired of them, too. So they're gone.

I'll continue to use Delicious; it's part of my publishing workflow, as well as my bookmarking service of preference. I'll also continue the practice of adding editorial content in the comments to my tags. Depending on the tag, these items will continue to appear on my web sites. If you want to see all of them, they're also available as an RSS feed.

I have some good stuff in the drafts folder. I really don't want it to be lost is a sea of links posts.

I don't know if this is one of the recognized corollaries of Murphy's Law, but I've long known that you can't game the system. If you count on Murphy to make something work out in the end, it won't.

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