Is Blogging Courtesy Over?

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What happened to giving credit in blog posts? I was just working on another post, and as I inserted a link, it struck me that I'm not seeing "via" and "hat tip" links as much as I used to. It's a nice way to give credit to the sources who point you to useful links, and it's useful for readers, too. Has giving credit to blog sources gone out of style?

Courtesy is the best kind of self-promotion, in that is costs nothing and wins you everything.
Jim Durbin

Maybe I'm not seeing them because I skim so much more than I read lately. But maybe it's not just me…

@gilliatt - think the time for crediting seems to have passed…I always credit where possible, keeps everyone sharing as per today in IMHO
Gray Dudek

Crediting sources in blog posts is a good practice. I'll keep linking to my sources; I hope you will, too.

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Good point!

What gets me is when bloggers use a news article in their own blog post, and don't even bother to state the source, put it in quotation marks, or put it in a block quote. They'll hyperlink to the original article somewhere in their own post, but you have to hunt for it.

It shouldn't be that way!

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