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You say you want all the information overload without loading up on individual subscriptions? There's a trend to build aggregator sites from the feeds of individual blogs, especially in the social media/web 2.0 headspace. I usually prefer to subscribe to the individual blogs, but the aggregators can be useful for finding the individual bloggers who write on a topic.

Here are a few I know of. Even this short list generates a lot to read, until you get practiced at skimming titles.

  1. Enterprise Irregulars
  2. Media 2.0 Workgroup
  3. Planet Social Media Research
  4. Planet Web 2.0
  5. Social Media Today
And then there are the memetrackers, which is a separate category. I'm sure there are more, and probably another on the way in 15 minutes. What have I missed?




If you want to find "the individual bloggers who write on a topic", the best way for the time being is to:
- search in Technorati, Google Blog Search and/or equivalent related keyword.
- create a RSS feed of the result of the search and integrate it in your newsfeeder or Netvibe
The search engines do the job and the feeds deliver the info on your desk, right in time.

Hi, Olivier. In general, that's a good way to get started on a new topic. A major benefit of these sites is that the sources are selected, not just found by a search algorithm. I use search all day, so I won't argue against its value, but the editorial role can be helpful, too.

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