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Target your search

OK, you've heard the conventional wisdom about networking your way to a new job. Still, those online job listings are tempting, and they do lead to the occasional interview. It helps if you go beyong the big, dumping-ground job boards and find the niche sites that target your field.

Today's Wall Street Journal has an article on specialized job sites:

Job seekers who limit their searches to traditional online hotspots may be missing out on the best career opportunities, as more employers are advertising openings on Web sites that cater to specific career fields and geographic locations. They say these so-called niche sites attract better-matching candidates than sites that list positions in a wide range of career fields and ZIP codes.

The article also offers some ideas on how to find a good job site:

  • Visit trade groups online.
  • Peruse job-board lists.
  • Use search engines.
  • Refine your search:
    • Compare special features.
    • Take a test drive.
    • Critique the quality.
    • Consult with others.
You might also find helpful sites through blogs that cover your job specialty, industry or region. Some blogs even have their own job boards. And when you do find a promising site, look for an RSS feed so you don't have to go back to the web site every day / week / whatever.

The big boards have that signal-to-noise problem, for candidates and employers. Too many irrelevant (or worse) job listings and too many applications turn the big boards into a time sink with poor results. Targeted sites might be just the fix.

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Great insight to using specialized and industry specific job boards and blogs! A lot of people don't think to venture much further than the Big 3.

Thanks, Rosie. And as your link illustrates, local and regional sites can be good sources, too. I have a list of resources for the Triangle; between blogs and other resource pages, jobseekers should be able to find useful references for most of the larger markets in the US.

Excellent points!

I've been researching as many niche job search and career advice websites as possible, as part of my articles for CIO Magazine.

I have been chronicling my research, tips, techniques and accomplishments in my blog (http://advice.cio.com/blogs/cio_job_search_a_real_life_chronicle).

I have found that as I have applied my research to my own real life job search for a new CIO position, the niche job boards are providing easier and faster results, that is, quality leads. Those same leads may be available on the big job sites, as well, but there is far more "garbage" to wade through to get to the good leads.

Thanks for your tips!!!

Mark Cummuta

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