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How to succeed at networking events

If you ever hear anything about how to get a job, it's networking. In job search advice circles, it's the Holy Grail, the Fountain of Youth, and Perpetual Motion, all in one easy step. Only, it's not so easy, and the advice to start networking before you need a job isn't much help if you need a job. So you crank up the phone, send some emails, and head out to networking events. Before you go to your next networking event, read John Wall's helpful article on being more effective at networking events. He has good thoughts about what people are doing at these events, and how they go about it. The section on how to work an event, in particular, is a must-read:
  1. Fly with a wingman; alone you have no defense
  2. Don’t be a job hunter
  3. Be a hunter
  4. Avoid being The creepy stalker
  5. Master the handoff
  6. Crack the power code
  7. Hijack the event
It's worth your time to read the whole article before your next event. Good hunting!

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Remember to continue to network after you have landed a job. Most jobs don't last forever and being social and knowing the other players in your industry not only makes you a more valuable employee, but it also gives you valuable connections later on if you are on the job search again.

The company I work for now is one that I interviewed for a project in college. I had actually applied for two positions prior to my present one, and they called me in and made a position for me when I responded to a blind job post.

Networking is definitely a good thing to pursue....

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