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Avoid sending resume spam

Have you noticed how easy it is to apply for many jobs through job boards and company web sites? Recruiters have noticed—they're feeling crushed under the load of applications they get for posted positions. GetTheJob, one of the job board aggregators, is hoping to help companies by replacing the "Apply Now" button with a link to the employer's application process:

GetTheJob.com is helping to end the problem of the Serial Applicant, jobseekers that apply to hundreds of jobs whether or not they are qualified.

It's easy to apply for jobs over the Internet, and the temptation is to turn the job search into a numbers game. And sometimes, that works. There are risks, though. Recruiters keep notes on the candidates they look at, and if you apply for jobs you're not qualified for, that can count against you when you apply for a more suitable position.

Companies also notice if you apply for vastly different jobs—including functionally similar jobs at different levels. If you're a Manager, applying for Director and VP jobs makes it look like you don't know your own level. Keep track of your applications, and make sure you're not sending mixed signals.