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What's your Google score?

William Arruda has a longer take on self-googling on MarketingProfs today. It's a helpful piece, starting with why you should look yourself up and going on to what you should be looking for. One frequently forgotten aspect of your search results is the absolute number of results, which William suggests can be meaningful:

These benchmarks vary depending on your industry and career goals, but they provide basic metrics you can use to evaluate your volume of Google results.
  • 5-50 entries: Professional with 0-5 years' experience, graduating university students, etc.

  • 50-500 entries: Professionals with 5-10 years' experience, entry-level marketers, junior account executives, etc.

  • 500-5,000 entries: Marketing director, managers with over 10 years of experience and several direct reports, independent consultants, small business owners

  • 5,000-50,000: entries Marketing VPs, acknowledged thought leaders, highly regarded consultants or subject-matter experts

  • 50,000-500,000 entries: CMOs at major companies, highly acclaimed consultants or experts, best-selling authors

  • >500,000 entries: Celebrities, internationally acclaimed gurus, etc.

At 22,300 results, that makes me an acknowledged thought leader, highly regarded consultant or subject-matter expert. Thanks, William! (Yes, I realize there's more to it than that.)

William's thing is personal branding, so he focuses on how to tell if your Google results support your brand and suggest some activities to improve your results. Go read Have you been digitally dissed? for alliterative analysis and tactics for builing your personal brand in Google search results.