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Check yourself at Rapleaf

While we're on the subject of online profiles and how people can find yours, take a look at Rapleaf. It's one of several interesting people-finding services you can use to learn about the people you meet, and you should assume that someone will use it to learn about you. Go ahead, look yourself up.

Rapleaf compiles basic information from a variety of sites, and it allows registered users to rate each other. But the interesting bit for today is the way it finds online profiles from social media sites you may use. So if you have a profile on sites like Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, LinkedIn or many more, Rapleaf will make it easy for people to find.

If you register with Rapleaf, you can claim your email address(es) and edit the privacy settings for your profile. That way, if you don't want people to find, for example, your Amazon.com wish list, you can delete it from your profile.

Whether you're a fan of personal branding or not, online profiles do start to build an image for you online. It's worth thinking about what impression you make with your online presence.

via Stefanie Olsen

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Rapleaf is great for online reputation management. You can use the tool to test someones credibility.

I've only poked around a bit, so I don't know how much the contact rating feature is worth (depends on adoption), but that's exactly why people need to get in there, check themselves out and claim their profile.

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