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Another reason to check your Facebook

Facebook issued another reminder to think about what's in your profile today. Starting in a few weeks, Facebook profiles that are visible to "everyone" will be visible to everyone, when outside search engines are allowed to being indexing them. Jobseekers (and anyone else with a thought for their online reputations) should take advantage of this opportunity to clean up their profiles or adjust their privacy settings before what happens in Facebook appears in Google.

OK, well, your Facebook isn't going to show up entirely, but what is going to show up is your public profile—the picture preview box that doesn't reveal much. Outsiders who click on any of the links will go to a welcome screen that invites them to join Facebook, while logged-in Facebook users will be able to use the links.

What does this mean? People outside of Facebook will be able to use search engines to learn if someone is in Facebook, and Facebook profiles may become prominent in search results for people who have them. Combine the new search visibility with Facebook's membership growth beyond its original college crowd, and you can see the importance of considering what you share.

Facebook's privacy controls are actually pretty good, so you can control how much is visible to people you don't know. If you have a Facebook account, just follow the link in today's announcement to your Search Privacy settings. There, you can decide whether to allow people outside Facebook to see your public profile.

Just remember that "everyone" is a bigger crowd than it was last year.