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7 ways to meet people with your blog

One of the coolest benefits of having your own blog is the way it creates an excuse—and permission—to contact anyone you want. Do you have someone you really want to meet? Your blog can open the door. How?

  1. Pick up a topic from your future contact's blog and write about it on your own blog. Link to the original and send a short note to let them know about the post. Use that note to initiate a direct conversation.

  2. Leave thoughful comment on your future contact's blog. Be sure to include your blog's URL on the comment form. Many (most?) bloggers will look at the blogs of their commenters. As a bonus, other readers will find you, too.

  3. Send an email to your future contact with a link to one of your posts. Invite comments, or mention why you think your future contact would be interested.

  4. Quote your future contact. Find a quote from an article, press release or presentation. Use it in an interesting blog post, link to the person (if possible), and send the courtesy note.

  5. Write about a company in your blog. Include the company name, a link to its web site (or blog), and a Technorati tag with the company's name. Send the courtesy note to an appropriate contact at the company.

  6. Write about a company and invite them to contact you in the post. If they're paying attention, that can work.

  7. Call a company to research a future blog post. Sometimes, it's just that easy.

This list may look a little hypothetical, but every one of these has worked for me. The courtesy note is a little trick I picked up from Jim Durbin, and it as been a great idea. Even when it doesn't lead to a direct contact, I think it makes a nice impression on the person you've quoted or linked to.

Of course, it's not easy or automatic. If your writing isn't interesting or relevant to your future contact, don't expect a response. Even if you do it right, don't expect success every time. Still, these techniques can be effective, and the blog connection warms up what would otherwise be cold calls.


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It is kind of funny that my corporate blog training can often be boiled down to say please, thank you, and don't kick sand at anyone else in the sandbox.

Courtesy is the best kind of self-promotion, in that is costs nothing and wins you everything.

I love this list, Nate. In the last week I have done almost all of them. Let me add one more - if you are and your future contact are both TypePad bloggers - TrackBacks.

Last night I found a recent post (2 days old) on a popular blog that was related to a post I was writing. I altered my content a little bit to be useful to that blog's audience and sent a TrackBack request. An hour later, we were talking and I was getting a lot of hits from that site.

I remember back when I had a zine, back in the zine glory days of the '90s. I used it to meet rock stars and other celebrities, to crash parties, and most importantly to meet really interesting people. Those people got me jobs, helped me understand things, and made me laugh.

Thanks for reminding me that my blog is the same thing. I have something to say, you have something to say, let's say something together.


Trackbacks don't work as well as they used to, but it's worth a try. Especially since your blog software can probably be set to send them automatically when you link.

Can't say I've met any rock stars with my blog yet, though. ;-)

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