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December 1, 2006

Cost / benefit of a personal brand

There's a great conversation on the costs (and benefits) of a personal brand over at the JibberJobber blog. It started with recognition for Heather Henricks's portfolio web site—a personal branding vehicle created by Brandego. The question that came up in the comments is whether her career is helped or hurt by a controversial volunteer organization she includes on her site.

Some points from the comments:

  • Branding will repel as well as attract people. Make sure your brand only repels people and companies you wouldn't want to work with.
  • You can put things on a web site that you wouldn't put on a résumé.
  • Your brand is not your value proposition. It's the difference between what you can do for a company and what sets you apart from the others who can do the same thing.
  • Never let a company manage your career. Only you can do it well.

And it's still going. Take a few minutes to read through the comments. A solid group of thoughtful folks have shared some useful insights. Then, take a look at Heather's site and think about whether your career would benefit from this kind of promotion—even (especially?) if you're currently employed.

Full disclosure: Brandego was founded by friends of mine, but I have no financial interest in their success.


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